Thursday, 2 June 2011

How to switch to another time-line

Since we published our post about Inelia Benz's claims - and then the addendum regarding her past affiliation with Scientology - the tone of the emails coming in has changed. Now, most of the relevant comments either begin or end (and understandably so) with this all-important question:

"But how, how, HOW do you shift to another time-line?"

Frankly, I don't know how Inelia Benz does it. You may find out - or not (I really don't know) - on that website we linked to in that earlier post.
However, this blog is full of stories with subtle hints indicating how to do it - or attempt to do it.
You could start here.
You might also want to read a very relevant post on our sister blog.
You also should remember this: exertion, force (of "will") will get you nowhere. 
A totally relaxed, un-thinking state of mind following persistent, unwavering and fully felt visualisation - or rather, relaxed immersion, with all your senses, in the situation visualised - might get you somewhere. (And I don't mean the madhouse - not necessarily.)


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Myosotis said...

Yes. I am afraid so.

But thank you very much for that... loud vote of confidence. ;)
I really, really appreciate it.

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Myosotis said...


My dear friend(s), if you think you'll miss it THAT much - by the way, does that mean you have read EVERY SINGLE POST here? :-) - think about what it and why it means that much to you. Do you need to be convinced that such things do happen? Believe me, they DO happen. Perhaps not all of the stories written here were the factual truth - although we certainly endeavoured to publish truthful accounts ONLY - but they do happen. All the time.

Or perhaps I should say, once more: TIME happens, all at once, all the time. ;-)

Fare well and safely!