What is a time slip?

Time slips - or time warps, or time shifts, or dimensional anomalies, or whatever you want to call them (we're partial to the term "reality hiccups" and are seriously considering re-baptising this blog accordingly)- can take many shapes and forms. 

If you've had one, you probably know it: it's a moment of unexpected displacement in time/space, beyond the boundaries of what is normally considered "possible". (Whether it is a "real" displacement or "just" a matter of perception is irrelevant at this point. After all, perception is everything, we are told.) 
Something or someone appears - or disappears - out of the blue; a house, a tree, a road is there that was never there before, and the next time you look it is gone again; time passes unexpectedly quickly - or unexpectedly slowly - and clocks actually seem to agree with your "subjective" perception; and so on.

This blog is a place for you to report your time slips and to read about other people's experiences of the kind, including famous accounts.
(Whether any of these are genuine or not we cannot say. We can only assume - judging by our own experiences - that they are/were very real phenomena. However, we will be discussing certain well-known accounts that we believe to be dubious at best, including the famous story of David Lang and the story of Benjamin Bathurst.)

So, if you have had an experience of time and/or space displacement that is truly inexplicable, let us know.

If English is not your mother tongue, you can write it in your own language. There are several of us here, and between us we read quite a few Indo-European languages. If we can't translate yours, we'll let you know.

Write to:


(Please, do not be offended by the seemingly religious reference: it is, as you probably suspect, an internal joke. ;)

If you have written to us in the past, and haven't received an answer, it means that we did not get your email.
We had enabled forwarding, but haven't been forwarded any emails for a suspiciously long time now.
When we wanted to check the inbox, it turned out we could not access it, even though the password definitely WAS correct. 
Google has failed us - and you - once again. So sorry.
So, for the time being, please use this address to send us your stories:


We will be happy to publish it.

We will not disclose your identity or email address UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, unless you give us your permission. 

However, in the interest of science (it sounds like a joke - but it isn't), we would like you to include as many data as possible, including:

- the exact time and location of the event

- atmospheric data at the time of the event, if known (temperature, pressure, humidity, any other relevant weather conditions)

- any significant (i.e. atypical) physical and psychological condition of the experiencer at the time of the event

- the presence of any possible source of geomagnetic activity, electricity or radiation in the area

In short: anything, anything at all, that you can remember about the conditions in which the experience took place will be very welcome information.

If for any reason you feel uncomfortable with sharing data such as listed above do not share them - or ask us not to publish them.

And finally... let us all have patience. The WWW is wide indeed, and there are oceans of blogs. It will probably take time for this blog to grow.
So, don't be discouraged if you don't see much activity here.
We're getting there. ;)

If you've had an anomalous experience, you may also want to visit this site: 
The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena