Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Deja vu: caught in a "time loop"

There is a report making the rounds about a student "caught in a bizarre time loop", having suffered constant deja vu for eight years.
Or so he says. 
I mean - how do you verify that?

We decided to include it here because time, after all, is all about perception (of duration). That makes this story totally relevant to the purpose of this humble blog.

The responses by the "baffled" medical professionals are interesting but typically limited in scope. (As for the readers' comments... no comment.)

If you're interested in similar phenomena, you may want to read Deja...who?
And if you read Dunne's famous book An Experiment with Time, you'll find that the experience described in that post may be much more common than most people dare suspect.
On deja vu proper, be sure to read Henri Bergson's Matter and Memory.
(And if you read French, here is an interesting text.)