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March 20, 2011:
Revised links and added material in: Another garden, another time

March 25, 2011:
Revised, updated and added links as well as visual material in:
Revised and updated links, added visual material in: Out of Mind?
Added a link in: The Other One

March 26, 2011:
Revised and updated a link in: Wotton Hatch Revisited

April 3, 2011:
Added material and an important new link in: Vanished in Vermont
April 8, 2011: 
Re-edited Brief encounter for easier comprehension.

April 9, 2011:
Revised the link and added two new ones in Your Mind, Your Time

April 12, 2011:
Updated a dead link in The Vanishing Point

May 18, 2011: 
Updated a dead link in In God's Good Time

May 30, 2011:
Added a map and updated a link in: Bold passage

June 3, 2011:
Re-edited and expanded (A) Dare

June 4, 2011:
Added an important link in: Dead Again? Alive again?

June 6, 2011:

July 1, 2011:
Added significant material to The Ultimate Tourist

July 6, 2011: 
Added a new photo and a link to The silent train in the Silver forest

July 20, 2011:
Added an important new link in Bold passage

July 23, 2011:
Added a link in All You Need is Love

August 4, 2011:
Re-edited No mere flesh and blood
(one of our personal favourites!)

August 5, 2011:
Re-edited A poet's garden that never was
(another one of our personal favourites)

August 8, 2011:
Re-edited and added a link in: What Everett REALLY said... and what he didn't 
Added information about Goddard in: Time flies... faster than you think

August 16, 2011:
Added a link in: Dreamtime - is it a timespace of its own?

August 30, 2011:
Added substantial information, a link to an article, and a video in: What's With the Moon?

September 9, 2011:
Added substantial new information and links in: Fasten Your Seatbelts, the Time Vortex Is Coming

October 31, 2011:
Corrected a link, added new links and a video in: A Petrifying Forest

November 18, 2011:
Added a link and some pertinent information in: The Vanishing Point

June 3, 2012:
Added a few relevant comments in: The Ultimate Tourist

July 17, 2012:
Added a video documentary in: What are parallel universes like?

December 26th, 2012: 
A dead link in: Levels of Conscioiusness: Our Dimensional Identity has been replaced with the link to an archived copy.

January 4th, 2013: Added a video in: Wotton Hatch Revisited.

March 16th, 2013: Added a video in: Is it the fault lines' fault?

April 22nd, 2013: Added a link in: History in the Making

May 16th, 2013: 
Added a link to a very interesting article in:  My body, myself? 
Added a link in: The Scream
Added new paragraphs and a link to entire feature film in: Another garden, another time

May 4, 2015: 
Edited a link in Have you seen this house?
Also, please note that a huge, 87 pages-long e-book about this case, contining extremely valuable information, has been made available free of charge by a reader.