Monday, 12 October 2009

Levels of consciousness: our dimensional identity

I have no less than four posts brewing, stewing, whatever you want to call it.

And yet, I cannot bring myself to post them.

Certainly, one reason is that they are rather long, they deal in contentious subjects, and so they require a lot of references - all of which requires a lot of... well, time.

But there is also another reason for my procrastination.
I don't know
what exactly it is, but something in me feels as if my own, private and personal perception of time/space - and of my place in it - were sliding fast towards the brink of an unsuspected, uncharted fault-line. (I wonder, does the fact that it is Columbus day have anything to do with my wording...? ;))

Maybe I am just losing my marbles.
But whatever it is, I feel I'd better give it time - and by "time" I mean silence, the absence of words - to develop and manifest itself. (Preferably in a kindly, non-abrupt way: in a way and manner that I would be able to understand in a timely fashion, without it crushing my spine and feet in the process.)

So, instead of forcing my thoughts into molds that might not fit, I'd rather offer you other people's well articulated ideas on the subject.

Among the authors that we - the captain and crew of the fleet of blogs of which this one is a member - like the best is Cynthia Sue Larson.
I have mentioned her and her website, Realityshifters, on various occasions.
This time I'd like to draw attention to her interesting article about "levels of consciousness" - a subject that is arguably in direct correlation with time/space anomalies.

Read it carefully - as carefully as it was written.
And do not forget to read the readers' comments: they are among the most thoughtful - and thought-provoking - of their kind I've seen in a long time.

Beautiful, isn't it? It was taken from here.

P.S. If you require sound to dub your silence, I propose you read - or dance - to the beat of the "music of the spheres".
Here's Jupiter, the bringer of good luck and prosperous expansion, speaking directly to you, my friend.

EDIT (26. XII. 2012): The link to Levels of Consciousness now points to an archived version. Scroll down the page; it's there, complete with the comments.

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