Friday, 6 June 2008

A petrifying forest

I've always loved forests - even as a metaphor - and stories about them, especially enchanted ones. I don't know why, but the sheer concept of »enchanted forest« just sounds somehow right to me. Maybe my subconscious knows a lot more about the real world than my conscious mind does. And "metaphors" may be just half-forgotten truths and facts about the essence of things.

Which is why I was somewhat surprised when I discovered a story about a »forest« I had never heard about: a stone forest in Peru – and »inexplicable« at that.

It's called Marcahuasi (or Markawasi, in the English transcription of the indigenous word), and apparently it is famous among the local population for offering strolls way beyond a normal hike in the woods...

The »forest« itself is worth decades of exploration.
(See here. BTW, does it remind you of anything...?)

But here is the story I wanted to share with you today, because it's directly related to the topic of »time slips«. I am quoting a part of it verbatim, as it was told to Scott Corrales by Raul Rios Centena:

"Several months ago, a patient came to see me about a serious case of hemiplegia. The patient claimed to be 30 years old but was unable to prove it, stating that she'd lost her formal identification card. It was a very strange case of hemiplegia, since upon examination with a CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scan, there were neither areas showing bleeding vessels nor any traumatic lesions.

When I began asking questions about the case, the patient told me the following: 'I was at a campground in the vicinity of the ancient stone forest, Markawasi, when I went out exploring late at night with some friends. Oddly enough, we heard the strains of music and noticed a small torch-lit stone cabin. I was able to see people dancing inside, but upon getting closer I felt a sudden sensation of cold which I paid little attention to, and I stuck my head through an open door. It was then that I saw the occupants were clad in 17th century fashion. I tried to enter the room, but one of my girlfriends pulled me out.'

The patient was tugged out by one of her friends, and her body became paralyzed in half precisely as she was drawn out of the 'stone cabin'. My conclusion is that the probable cause behind the hemiplegia is unknown. No medical test was able to ascertain its cause. Nonetheless, an EEG was able to show that the left hemisphere of the brain did not show signs of normal functioning, as well as an abnormal amount of electric waves.

Many Peruvians claim having had contact experiences in Markawasi, while many scholars indicate the existence of a dimensional doorway. No conclusive proof of this exists, of course. Some friends, myself, obviously, and others who have visited the stone forest can attest to the existence of a strange kind of energy. According to those persons having knowledge of this subject, dimensional doorways tend to open and close not necessarily in specific places. The patient is currently undergoing physical rehabilitation in Lima's Arzobispo Loayza National Hospital.

The unanswered question is, of course, what would have happened if her body had entered completely into the stone cabin? Would she have gone into another dimension? I suppose the truth shall be known in the fullness of time."

I suppose it shall. At this point, I have only one question: how did the subject know that the clothes were "in the 17th century fashion"? It's a very specialised piece of information. Of course she could be just that: a specialist, or at least a highly observant "lay" person with a lot of knowledge about the history of clothing. It's not unheard of.
Meanwhile, you can read the rest of the article here.

Here is another great website.

Or, if you prefer a full book, here's the one for you:

Or you can watch a video about it.
(It's just the text that I've quoted above - but the music is really nice. :))


Darlene Kaiser said...

My memory of this Time Slip occurred during this experience did not start surface again until 1971 when I moved, 3 years later..I kept in silence the memories of my experience became on and off thru out the years until now.. I was finally able to come to terms with the possible reality of these Time Slip events and began researching the Internet to find corroboration for my experience and the corroboration that initially had the biggest impact for me was found at and ( Of the Paranormal).
IS POSSIBLE THAT TIME TRAVEL CAN BE A REALITY!!! Take it from me from my phenomenon experience.

I had an unusual Time Slip phenomenon experience when i was a child (7 years old) back in July of 1968/69 in Fitchburg, Massachusetts on a Hot sunny day when I decided to take a walk into the woods alone in my neighborhood to explorer like most kids do. The woods were thick and shady I was pulling off branches and leaves away from my face, hair and body. It was a 10 minute walk..When i came out of the woods on the other side..I was shocked and stunned of what i saw which I describe as a futuristic neighborhood..The houses and roads look well-advanced, extremely clean, colorful and beautiful.. The roads was not made out of black tar but silvery/white metallic cement that you can see the sun shines right off of it..The houses looked well-advanced with many huge windows, colorful roof tops and the street lights look different too.. I have never seen this before..I was only there for 6 minutes and there were no people around ONLY ME, the future houses and the road. I can hear a deep humming sound which to me sounds like ( An alive power box) I am not sure if that what it was. I felt a little bit lost.. I decided to go back into the woods to tell my mom..My mom did not listen to me and said, "Stay out of the woods" The next day I snuck out and went back into the woods to find the future place and it wasnt there..It was GONE..I looked and looked NOTHING!!..
P.S..... Before I had my Time Slip experience..On May 1968/69 I was playing near by woods and decided to go for a walk into the woods until i saw a big tree fire burning. I ran to a near by neighbor and told him...The neighbor ran towards the woods saw the fire was spreading and yelled into the woods "anyone up there?" No one came out of the woods and the neighbor ran to his home to call the fire department and the fire was put out. I was just wondering if this was all connected some how..WE tell our true story experiences, Its well documented and it is up to the scientists or paranormal experts to figure this all out. Maybe one day we will have a full explanation and answers to all of our phenomenon experiences.

Myosotis said...

Thank you very much, Darlene!

This is an extraordinary story, and I wish I could include it in the main body of the blog, for it deserves to be there.