Thursday, 24 December 2009

All you need is love

No: as you probably suspected, this has nothing to do with the
And it is only a coincidence (or is it? I wonder sometimes) that I am writing this on Christmas, the love-fest par excellence - or at least a widely recognised symbolic date signifying love: towards our usual loved-ones and towards the Other.

What happened was that we were here discussing one of our earlier posts - the one about the missing socks - and I was reminded of a "technique" that Cynthia Sue Larson often mentions on her website.

(4) Feel Your Love for What is Lost
While all the previous steps are very important, feeling your love for what you have lost is undoubtedly the most important. While you continue staying grounded and breathing in love, remember all your favorite memories about what you've just lost. Allow yourself the luxury of feeling as much of that love as possible. Feel your heart growing warmer and warmer with those feelings of love. This love you are feeling is the bond between you and what has been lost, and by feeling your love as strongly as you can, you are calling what you love to return to you.

And that's not all. I remember reading somewhere - probably on her website again - about a woman (for some odd reason I seem to remember the totally irrelevant fact that she was from Israel) who started applying the "feel love" technique every time she found herself in a traffic jam, for example. Instead of cursing the other drivers and people on the street, she started developing a feeling of warm love and gratitude towards the "offenders" in any given situation. Apparently traffic "miracles" happened every time she did that.

I am especially interested in this because I happen to know it really does work.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, is immune to the cataclysmic power of love.

But some people - all people, actually, just not all the time - enjoy (or so they think) being indignant. The usual reasoning used by them to defend their wrath - "but if everyone just gives in, how will they ever learn?!" - is inane. 
This is one situation where the old question, "would you be rather right or happy?" (of which I am, in principle, no great fan), really does apply and makes sense.

Think about it: the feeling of "love" means actively drawing from and (re)generating Eros,which is the unifying force,the all-encompassing power that holds atoms together - that holds the Universe together, with all its dimensions.
And so, "love" may very well be the only - certainly the most powerful - force to transcend dimensions.

Love your way out of trouble.
(And I don't mean making eyes or flashing smiles for a calculated effect: I mean feeling love in your heart.)
Or at least give it a fair try.

It works.

Speaking of love, do not miss this lovely - and true - short story: Monsieur Proust's Opal.


Laura L. (Oak Park, IL) said...

I have to tell you, this really works!!!
Twnety years ago my husband gave me bracelet for our anniversary. I've been wearing it ever since. I never, ever go out without it. It's very precious to me. It's made of gold, but taht's not why. Even though our relationship deteriorated later on, I still cherish that bracelet as a memento from happier times.
My husband is gone now (deceased). I like to remember the good times we had. That bracelet is precious to me.

Well, yesterday I went out to do some shopping, and as I sat down with a friend to have a cup of coffee I noticed my bracelet was gone.
I can't tell you how distressed I was. I looked everywhere, even in my purse, even though I never put it in my purse. My friend tried to help me retrace my steps and asked me where did I last see it and did I take it off last night. I remembered seeing it on my HAND as I was leaving home, while locking the door.

Anyway I came home and looked everywhere, even in the shower - even in the FRIDGE!! (LOL, I don't know why, I was desperate, I guess.)

That evening I cried my eyes out. I was tired, I guess, but losing that bracelet meant like some sort of omen. I am not superstitious, but really, to lose such a precious memento, and right after Christmas, it felt like a blow. I prayed, even though I am not too religious, and then I called my sister to ask her if she had any tips, because she often gets her lost things back.
She sent me a link to this page.
It sounded like a nice thing to do anyway, so I tried it. But as I was doing that, the power of love in my heart opposed to my sense of loss felt so strong I had to cry. I mean, I felt my loss even more deeply. But then, as I was crying again, I felt a sort of bittersweet feeling all over my heart: like my bracelet has gone somewhere and I'll never see it again, but it's alright, it's ALRIGHT. My love will follow it and all that it stands for for as long as I live. And I felt comforted. So then it became easier for me to just feel love for it wherever it was.
And then I felt asleep.

The next morning, as I was putting on my clothes, I thought I saw a glimmer behind a book that was on my table. I didn't think anything, I was too frozen to think, and I marched right over to check it out. There was the bracelet!!!

Now I know many people will say I simply forgot I had taken it off and put it there. But I didn't, I KNOW I didn't. Why would I take it off at the table anyway? And I live by myself, so there was nobody else in the apartment.

I don't know what happened here or how, but I want to thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

God bless you!

Myosotis said...

Dear Laura,

THANK YOU for letting me know.
I am so happy for you!

And I am so happy for all those who might read this and profit by it.

You have done a great thing by sharing your story. I hope you are blessed with everything and anything you heart desires.

Now, don't forget to spread the word! :-)

Myosotis said...

P.S. And don't forget to visit Cynthia Sue Larson's site for more tips like this!

(We are NOT associated with her, we don't even know her personally, but that's a great website she has there!)

Laura said...

Oh I won't! I've already told this to a number of people, so I am "spreading the word"!! lol

And thank you for the link to that great website (RealityShifts). I've bookmarked it and plan to visit it often!

Thank you, thank you again!!

Blessings to you and your family!!!


Laura said...

Hi, it's me again!
Sorry, this happened the day before yesterday!
I don't know if it matters, but I kept reading that sidebar and I felt guilty for giving you the wrong date, lol.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Love you :)

Myosotis said...

It's all right, Laura - don't worry about it. I am just glad you got it back. :)

(But speaking of sidebars... you did forget to describe the atmospheric conditions and to list all sources of possible geomagnetic activity at the time...! OF COURSE I am just kidding. :-))

Great to hear from you.
This account made my day.

P.S. Love you back! :)