Wednesday, 30 December 2009

P.S. I love you

This is simply a
post-scriptum to my latest entry. I am writing this because I thought some of you might be interested in some feedback.

In the past 30 hours I have been contacted by two people - actually, one and a half (more on that later ;) - who absolutely wanted to tell me they have tried the "technique" described in the entry to retrieve their lost objects.
Apparently, it worked like a charm.

A lady, called Laura, went out wearing her gold bracelet. She says she had never gone out without it ever since it was given to her by her late husband, as an anniversary gift.
But a few days ago she suddenly found the bracelet was missing...
You can read more about it in the comment below the original post.

The "half" person I was referring to is a relative of mine who notified me that she had mentioned this technique in an internet astrology forum.
Apparently, a member of said forum had been missing a precious GPS for days and had all but lost hope that she would ever get it back.

In all fairness, my relative also mentioned to her that she might want to try asking Saint Anthony of Padua to get it back. (Laugh all you will: it works for many people! :))

We'll never know who did it - Saint Anthony or Lady Love (although I suspect they may be closely related, anyway ;) - but the GPS reappeared
within hours. It seems an elderly couple had found it and returned it while the owner was away, so her neighbour took it for safekeeping until she came home.
And get this: it took the finders a few days to find the address because they didn't know how to figure out where she lived. :)

I am very thankful to both for letting me know.
And I am very thankful to Cynthia Sue Larson, for it was her article that provided most of the inspiration for the last post.

*Oh, you're wondering why I refer to my relative as "half" a person? I don't: it's just that it wasn't her personal experience, and in my book second-hand accounts count as half-accounts.
If you must know... my relative is what our grandmama would call a person AND a half. :-)

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