Friday, 4 March 2011

(A) Dare

If you are feeling antsy and would like to actually experiment with timespace on your own, this may be your lucky day. Your journey starts here.


1. unwavering belief that it is actually possible to manipulate your position in time/space beyond what seems possible or normal
2. a humble mind unencumbered by what it reads
("Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"... Does this ring any bells?)

4. A well-developed body awareness and body memory
(more on this in some other post, perhaps, but it's exactly what it sounds like: how do you feel - in your body - the reality of any given moment, of whatever is happening... and how it is happening?)

5. fearlessness

6.-10: perseverance

OPTIONAL (but highly advisable);

- a joyful heart
- gratitude

Man can prove the existence of a dimensionally larger world simply by focusing his attention on an invisible state and imagin­ing that he sees and feels it.

If he remains concentrated in this state, his present environment will pass away, and he will awak­en in a dimensionally larger world where the object of his con­templation will be seen as a concrete objective reality.

Intuitively I feel that, were he to abstract his thoughts from this dimension­ally larger world and retreat still farther within his mind, he would again bring about an externalization of time.

He would discover that every time he retreats into his inner mind and brings about an externalization of time, space becomes dimen­sionally larger.

And he would, therefore, conclude that both time and space are serial, and that the drama of life is but the climb­ing of a multitudinous dimensional time block.

Thus spoke Neville Goddard, one of those rare people who dare go out of their - our - mind: out of the confines of the rational mind.

(The link above leads to a book from where the excerpt was taken.
You can find more links to books - free of charge - if you follow the link below. Or if you just Google them out.)

For a very good link on him, see The Answer (and related entries) in our associated blog.


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Post originally written on 23/02/10


Dennis said...

There's a plant that grows here in Canada called Salvia divinorum. I believe that it's this plant that's the key to getting your body to the state of mind required to do this.

Experiment. It's not a drug. It's a miracle plant that opens the doorway, if you believe.

Myosotis said...

Thank you so much for stopping by, Dennis!

Some of us here have been experimenting - unwittingly, at first - with another (perfectly legal) substance... but it's always difficult to bring it up, and not just for legal reasons.

But if you have an experience with Salvia that you would like to share, we'd be glad to look into it. ;)