Friday, 27 May 2011

Time does not exist?

Like everyone else, I lived in a house bricked up with seconds and minutes, weekends and New Year's Days, and I never went outside until I died, because there was no other door. 
Now I know that I could have walked through walls.

Peter S. BeagleThe Last Unicorn (1963)

The phrase has become something of a mantra of the brave new world that many people feel we're heading to but nobody really knows where it is, what it is, when it is. You'll find it plastered all over different forums and blogs and websites dealing with the enigma of Time (or rather, with our unwillingness to accept the seemingly inevitable loss of everything and everyone we hold dear): Time does not exist (often accompanied by a jubilant exclamation mark or two).
It is understandable that the discussions ensuing such a statement rarely lead to a satisfying answer. Semantics gets in the way.  

You see, "time" most definitely does exist. If it didn't, you wouldn't be sitting in that chair of yours right now. Or anywhere, for that matter.
For what we call "time" is our perception of duration, of sequences in which any given event unfolds.

There is no "time" outside our perception; that much appears to be true.
But we are bound - perhaps not inevitably (which is the whole point of this blog) - to this mode of perception, and "time" is the name of this mode of perception - no more, no less.
What a bore this post is, right? :)
Still, if it can help you avoid unproductive pitfalls and wild goose chases in the future, the time I invested in it will be more than worth it. 

And if it can make you think - really, really think - about the true weight of words, the building blocks of the stage on which we perform our lives, both internally and externally, the building blocks of the prison that makes our physical existence possible, I will have earned some serious bonus points in eternity. :-)
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