Sunday, 22 May 2011

You have control over your timeline

That's what a woman called Inelia Benz (among others) is claiming.

It's the first time I've heard of her. She comes across as quite likeable, but I am reserving judgement on the veracity of her claims. (Not that the timeline part sounds particularly outlandish to me.)

She does talk about "them" and "enslavement", which is not necessarily how I see things (conspiracy talk usually repels me). Then again, there are many things in this blog that I do not necessarily advocate or even believe, but are presented here for your consideration (or just entertainment).

If you're interested - and she does speak in a lively manner, easy to listen to - go here. 

The part about timelines starts at 12:46 and ends at 14:00. 

P.S. The link works in some browsers and in others it doesn't. 
If it doesn't work for you, go to this address and find the link to the interview within the quote in the very first post. 
And by the way, you may find the thread in question contains many very valuable, intriguing and well thought posts, (relatively not at all) free of ignorant and aggressive adolescent bickering to be found on some other websites.
I know I found it very interesting.

EDIT (May 28, 2011): 

We have received a number of emails telling us that Ms. Benz is/was associated with Scientology. 

Personally - and I know I speak for all of us here - I don't mind anyone being associated with any movement, as long as the affiliation in question is not demonstrably and unambiguously harmful to the individual or to others. 

However, since this blog covers a subject that has direct bearing on the mind/consciousness, we feel we should alert our readers to Ms. Benz's past association with Scientology.

Here is what she had to say when asked about it (not by us):

My relationship with scientology is very different. I was in the Church in the UK for a year in 2003-4 as a staff member. I basically went in on a personal mission to learn as much as possible and then get out fast. It was pretty tough, and I emerged bruised (as many do). But I do not regret the experience. I agree with Bill [Ryan] that Hubbard was a brilliant man to begin with, and was compromised after the Church was fully established.

I've also practiced Buddhism for 14 years, I've practiced martial arts, meditation, and have conducted a lot of my own research into the best tools and methods that a person can use to raise their awareness and overall vibrational level.

No-one has a monopoly on truth, and it's all available to everyone who wants to look. Wise men and women have been teaching this for thousands of years.

Taken from here.

EDIT (June 4th, 2011)
Don't miss our latest post, How to go to another time-line.


Jon said...

Thankyou, great post. But how? How how how does she do it? I havent seen it explained anywhere.

Myosotis said...

Hello, Jon, and thank you very much for stopping by.

You may be happy to learn that we have just published a little write-up regarding your (and other people's) question.

And do tell us how it works out for you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Peeps there are crazy. Cult mentality, they need to worship. Bill, Charles, Inelia...... Love and light lol

Myosotis said...

Hello there,

I am assuming you mean the website to which we linked?

Personally I don't know it well enough to opine on it. I have visited it a few times. On those occasions I found a few interesting threads and a few very interesting posts.

I did also notice that the level of gullibility is about the same as on other similar websites, perhaps a tad higher. (But this is just a subjective impression.)

Love and light to you, too... of the REAL kind. ;)
And thank you for stopping by.