Sunday, 6 February 2011

A "time slip" (of sorts) in cyberworld

I know, I know... This space is gathering cobwebs.
And while that may be romantic in films, in blogworld it's a sign of impending doom.
But sometimes the world of the here-now actually is more interesting than whatever may be taking place in some parallel dimension... That's good news, right?

We've not sunken to the level of "best of" compilation posts - not yet (and rest assured, there's a lot more time slippage yarn waiting to be unravelled here!) - but a good compilation by others can be of legitimate interest to anyone reading this.

Here's such a compilation by a fellow blogger.
It consists of posts from a wonderful, now defunct website (that has been mentioned here before).

Some of the stories you will recognise from these pages, others will be new.
In any case, it is well worth the ride through the rough waters of cyberspacetime. :)


Naomi said...

Thanks for the link to my blog. I just found this site
and it appears to have all the stories from the AOL site. Maybe the aol site took its stories from this site originally... what do you think?

Myosotis said...

Hello, Naomi -

I don't think so (but I may be wrong), because the Wayback Machine has archived snapshots of the AOL site dating back to 2002. (Here are their "snapshots" from 2005:*/
But I have't really gone and checked each of the snapshots. When I have to use the wonderful WM - as in "The Accidental Tourist" post - I usually include the most recent ones.)

Good luck with the blog! :)