Saturday, 4 December 2010

Ten ways to travel through Time

Unfortunately, all of them involve machinery of some type.
Which is not only inconvenient, but it disregards the role of consciousness in timespace perception.

Of course, many mainstream scientists, starting with Hugh Everett, disregarded consciousness altogether. And where did that get us? We have LOTS of theories, but few tangible results that we know of.

On the other hand, it is perfectly understandable that science based on 18th century mechanistic positivism would not have the resources - the ideological infrastructure, so to speak - properly to research the "abstraction", the utter mess, that is human consciousness as an instrument of timespace processing.

But there is no denying that consciousness determines, filters in or out, and shapes practically everything that we perceive.
Why deny - or ignore - its role in timespace perception?
It's not a scientific approach at all.

Still, if you are interested in gadget-based "time travel", go here and knock yourself out. :)

The article also includes a list of ten countries which supposedly have active "time control research programs", with India leading the flock.

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