Saturday, 12 February 2011

Chrononauts, or What the Bleep Do THEY Know?

It is with GREAT hesitation that I bring this up.

As you possibly know, or are about to discover, the personality featured in this post is associated with a conspiracy theory - and we hate conspiracy theories.
Not because we think that conspiracies in general do not exist, but because we find it unproductive to speculate and chase wild geese that may eventually turn out to be even less than that - simple mirages conjured up by misunderstandings or simple ignorance, with a touch of paranoia thrown in for good measure.

However, we believe that the story you're about to hear - courtesy of the wonder that is YouTube - is a valid, if unproven (not to mention highly unlikely), "time slip" account: the account of a man who purportedly was transported to a time 100 years before his birth - and he says he' got a photo to prove it.

But there is another reason why we decided to include this story.
Within the first five minutes of this other video, the man - Andrew Basiago - tells about a connection to copper mining and Chile.

With that in mind, go and revisit this post of ours:

Maybe. Probably. Most likely.
Of course it is.

But it certainly is a chile-ing one, if you'll excuse the inevitable clumsy pun.
And it was the "toss of the coin" we needed.

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