Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Time portal found?

I know some of our regular readers have been following a certain thread on ATS discussing the mysteries and possible dimensional anomalies surrounding the area of a legendary mountain, the Untersberg, on the border between Austria and Germany.

(And this, unlike the thread mentioned in the previous post, most certainly does deserve a link.)

The thread is interesting mostly because it is probably the main and most reliable compendium of information and focus of discussion in English.

However, there are a few forums (or fora, whatever, no time for dead languages now) in other languages, notably in German. This one, hosted by a man - a shaman - who calls himself White Eagle, is probably the most relevant one.
And it was here that the announcement has been made two days ago that possibly (the font size is no glitch) a "time portal" has been found in the vicinity of Hallthurm.
("Stumbled upon" - by two people from Salzburg, on December 30th - would be perhaps a more fitting expression.)

Picture of the area where the "time portal" - or whatever it is - could be located (taken from here).

It is highly speculative, of course - how could it be anything else?
And nobody is saying it is anything else.
But in the opinion of White Eagle (the author of the original post on the forum) who, being a native, has been researching the area for decades now, that location could be the site of a "time portal".

Anyway, this thread, for a change, really might be worth following.
There have been all too many anomalies reported about the area through the ages to simply shrug and chalk them up to... what, exactly?

Unfortunately for all those who cannot read German, the thread on the German forum is, of course, in German. And we don't have the time to translate it right now.

But I am sure there will be English "summaries" coming up soon. *
Meanwhile, you can learn a lot about the road that led to this possible and highly speculative "discovery" by reading through the thread on ATS (beware, though: it's gigantic!), especially the original posts and, with particular attention, the recent (September-December 2009) posts by a member called BlueOrb (who among other things came up with highly interesting parallels between the nearby buildings constructed for Hitler and the buildings of the Cathars, and seems to be researching the topography of the churches around Untersberg.)

Now, if you look at your watch... didn't the time you spent reading this pass unusually quickly? :-)

P.S. As you well know, we edit our posts again and again and again... That's how we are.
So, be sure to come back sometime in the future, to check out our afterthoughts.

* Please, see the comment by BlueOrb below.

P.P.S. (added on 6. I. 10):

Just a quick note to all those of you who, in your eagerness to find out more - either to escape from the tax people or to "debunk" it - might be composing email upon email, to extort more information from us... Please, have another look at the post.

Did you see the word "possibly"?

Do you know why it is so big?

Because we couldn't find any BIGGER fonts.
OK? :-)

Hold on to your hats.
We're sure this decade is going to be a fast-speed chase along a very bumpy road in any case... :)



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Myosotis said...

Yep, that pretty much summarises our (and other people's) reaction, too... :)

BlueOrb said...

Just to expand a little further (after i stumbled across this blog!!!), ther is a reference to a legend, or whatever, of time portals existing in this area. One of the legends mentioned an "Iron Door" (Eisene Tuer, in German), in the vicinity of the village of Hallthurm, that is not always visible, which may be one of the locations.Further research by White Eagle (a local shaman and author - real name Rainer Limpock), has revealed that there is record of a cave, known as "The Iron Door", where "wild women" could sometimes be seen. The latest information, therefore, points not in the direction of a mystical, magical door that appears, but may in fact mean that it is a cave that is the location. The cave that White Eagle has a photo of, shows red coloured water flowing from it - of course, red water can often denote ferrous deposits being washed out (i.e. iron....). So the questionn is - Is this the cave known as "Eisene Thuer" in times gone by, and could this be the time portal of legend???

In the words of my favourite German talk show host, TV Kaiser....."Wir werden es erleben....."

Keep an eye on this - I ma sure that further developments / revelations will follow in due course.

And Hello you! ;-)

Myosotis said...

Well, hello - and thank you!

I would say this is as close as we can get to hearing it from straight the horse's mouth... but that wouldn't sound right. ;)

I'll edit the original entry so it points to this precious comment.