Thursday, 28 January 2010

Your wish is THE command

The following account comes from M.R., a faithful - not to mention patient - follower of this oh-so-sporadic blog.

It is a fascinating little story - and to me doubly so, because I have experienced the very same thing.
So have you, perhaps.


A few years ago - maybe three or four - I used to visit a good friend of mine who worked in a six-storey building. He was a good worker, often staying overtime, late into the night. Which is when I visited him, because otherwise he wouldn't have had the time to see me.

The building had a modern elevator which always ran smoothly and quickly; it was well maintained. There was nobody manning it; the building didn't even have a night porter, as it was shared by many smallish private businesses.

On more than one occasion something funny happened.
As I was walking through the lobby towards the elevator I could see on the indicator (above the elevator door) that the elevator was on the sixth floor, apparently staying still. Then, as I lifted my hand to press the button, I heard the elevator make that characteristic "vroooom" noise it makes when it goes into motion, and it descended directly to the lobby. There was nobody inside. And I hadn't touched the button!

At first I thought maybe somebody had stepped into the elevator and then changed their mind.
But I didn't hear anyone move. (It's difficult to imagine, but even though six floors sounds like a lot, it really wasn't such a tall building, an the staircase was very acoustic, every step could be heard all over the building, especially late in the evening when the building was practically deserted.)

I told this to my friend, half expecting to hear he had sent the elevator my way (because he knew I was coming), but he said no, and that the same thing had happened to him too. He said that he even asked the repairman about it, and the man said it's "impossible" and that the elevator is in very good condition.

The same thing happened to me again maybe four months later. It happened exactly the same way: as I lifted my hand to press the button (but I didn't), I heard the elevator stir, go "clank" and then "vroooom" and start descending. And sure enough there was nobody inside.
And nobody could be heard moving around.

I don't know if this has anything at all to do with "time slips", but I reckon it was something out of the ordinary. It was as if the machinery had received the "command" of my intention or wish to ride in the elevator before I physically pressed the appropriate button.

(I don't remember anything particular about the weather, sorry!)


You said it very well yourself:

It was as if the machinery had received the "command" of my intention or wish to ride in the elevator before I physically pressed the appropriate button.

There is nothing for me to add, because I believe that is exactly what happened.


By means of some electrical impulse, perhaps.
Let's not forget: everything is basically electricity, patterns of energy interacting with each other. It is a well established fact (yes, much to the chagrin of Amazing Randi and his correligionaires, it is a fact) that telepathy does exist, both among people and between people and animals. Who is to say that a more or less sensitive electricity-driven device could not pick up a pattern emitted by the brain - or mind field (it's a term I happen to prefer ;) - of a human (or even of an animal, for that matter)? Only, in this case it is called telekinesis.

But WHAT exactly was in the "pattern" emitted that stirred the elevator and made it go "clank" and vroom"? ;)

Was it the mere thought?
It seems unlikely, because it would raise the question, why doesn't it work like that every time? After all, even seemingly "automatic" actions are preceded by thought.

Or was it a specific charge of the intention at that moment?

I mentioned this had happened to me too (also more than once).
It's a good thing it did because, while I also don't remember the weather or higroscopic conditions and what-not at the time, luckily I do remember something else, and very well:

I was very relaxed - not at all "mindful" - at the time, and I was happy to be going where I was going (to visit my mother). I was in a state of happy but relaxed anticipation, in my mind already walking through the door, as it were.

And the elevator, it seems, picked up the energy of my intention to get there ASAP - and anticipated my physical command.

In this case my "wish" (= intention) really WAS a command.

And maybe it always is.


Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me. SAME THING. I was going to call for the elevator and it came before I pushed the button. The crazy thing is..... I was on the third floor, the building had seven floors. There was nobody in the building but the cleaners and they never used that elevator.
People tried to explain it away but they weren't there, they don't know. It was impossible. Nobody called that elevator.

Myosotis said...

First of all, thank you very much for stopping by and commenting.
I am very sorry for not having noticed this comment before (more than one person is in charge of approving comments on this blog).

I find this type of experience among the most interesting ones, so I am always happy to hear about such cases.

And the reason why I find them so interesting is that it happened to me, too. :)