Thursday, 3 January 2013

The 33 Cosmic Portals

This information comes from Diana Cooper's book 2012 and Beyond: An Invitation to Meet the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead.
We have no opinion on the information presented in this book, so don't ask us about it. (Although you are, as ever, welcome to comment on it. Politely, of course.)

1.  ATLANTIS. The portal is already opening. (As of 2009, when the book was published.)

2.  LEMURIA. Already opening in Hawaii, activating "the great crystal of Lemuria".

3.  HOLLOW EARTH. A portal in the centre of the world; it "will profoundly affect the leylines". It is supposed to be "an elongated oval in the U.S.A. covering Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota and southern North Dakota". It will "reach its full glory" in 2035.

4.  MU. A portal in the Pacific ocean. Closed until 2012, when it supposedly reopened.

5.  ULURU (AKA Ayers Rock), Australia. Opened in 2012.

6. FIJI. Opened in 2012.

7.  SEDONA, U.S.A. Opened in 2012.

8.  The BERMUDA TRIANGLE. Sometimes closed, sometimes open.

9.  BANFF, Canada. Opened in 2012.

10.  ALASKA, the Arctic. Opened in 2012.

11. The SOUTH POLE. Opened in 2012.

12. Mayan settlement in HONDURAS. "Already opening" (as of 2009).

13. PERU (all of it). Opened in 2012.

14. MALI. Opened in 2012.

15. The SPHINX at Giza, Egypt. Opened in 2012.

16. MESOPOTAMIA. "Opening after 2012".

17. The SOURCE OF THE GANGES, India. "Ready to open in 2012".
(N.B. The Ganges has at least two sources: the Gangotri glacier and the Satopanth glacier.)

18. VARANASI (AKA Benares), India. "Beginning to open now" (as of 2009).

19. MANILA, the Philippines. Opened in 2012.

20. MONGOLIA. Opened in 2012.

21. ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia. "Slumbering" as of 2009 and preparing to open"before 2012".

22. The SILK ROAD. Opened in 2012.

23. WUHAM, eastern China. "Opening in the period from 2012 to 2014".

24. ANSI, northern China. Opened in 2012.

25. YORK, Great Britain. Supposed to be a "huge portal"; opened in 2012.

26. ANDORRA. Opened in 2012.

27. Underwater portal off the coast of MARSEILLES, France. Opening "soon after 2012".

28. OMSK, the Urals, Russia. Opened in 2012.

29. SIBERIA. Opened in 2012.

30. AGATA, northern Russia. Opened in 2012.

31. OPALA, Kamchatka, Russia. Opening in 2014.

32. CHEN mountain, the Kerkeyansk range, Russia. "Already beginning to open" (as of 2009).

33. NORTH POLE, Antarctic. "Beginning to open now" (as of 2009).

All these portals, except the Hollow Earth one, will "rest after a few years" and then re-open. For more information about them, as well as other "sacred" points, see the book.

If you live in any of the areas, or have recently visited any of the places listed above, do give us your impression of what, if anything, is going on.

If you are interested in the actually demonstrated "portals", as the NASA itself calls them, you may want to read this: About those magnetic portals...

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