Friday, 17 May 2013

Miss Morison's Ghosts

At last, you can watch - for the time being - the entire film based on the first story in this blog, the so-called "Moberly-Jourdain incident", starring Wendy Hiller and Hannah Gordon.


EDIT (May 25, 2013):
Sorry, the video has been removed.
It was fun while it lasted, wasn't it?

However, do not miss our last post, The Disappearing Road, about another very real trip in slightly surreal circumstances. :)

EDIT (June 19, 2013):

Here's another version of the video (and there's a transcript available on Youtube).

Many, many thanks to G. J. for bringing it to my attention! :-)

EDIT (December 1st, 2013):

It's gone again - to "private" this time.

EDIT (August 15th, 2014): With many thanks to our reader, Patricia, who alerted us to it (see the comment below), here is the original book by Misses Moberly and Jourdain:


patricia said...

Thank-you so much for posting this bbc drama Miss Morisons Ghosts at this site. Ive been searching for it going from website to website trying to track it down for some time now. I found the original copy of their book is online to read at Gutenburg and The archives because of the date of publication , now I can read what these two women of integrity wrote. I like them was raised in the church and never held with beliefs in ghosts. these two women risked everything just to tell the truth of what happened to them and did loose. They never retracted their story. that's amazing.with thanks and kind regards P.L.

Myosotis said...

It is our pleasure, Patricia. ;)
(I just hope it isn't removed YET AGAIN - and if it is, that someone else posts it, yet again.)

It IS an amazing story, absolutely.
It actually inspired this blog. That's why the very first post - a looooong, overly long one - is devoted to it. ;)

Happy watching!

Myosotis said...

P.S. Oh, you found "An Adventure" on Gutenberg and the Internet Archive?!
Thanks for telling!
(And thanks in advance from our readers, because if we find it, too - as we hope to - we'll publish a link here. ;))

Myosotis said...

P.P.S. Sorry, the original post about Moberly & Jourdain's "adventure" was the second (not the first) one in this blog.
The rest - it being overly long - still stands. ;)

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I alerted the scriptwriter that it was on Youtube. Clearly he objected. Does anyone else know where it may be seen?

Myosotis said...

Sigh... I am sure it'll resurface at some point. Do let us know, everyone, if you find it somewhere.

And I have to say, as much as I am for respecting everyone's intellectual property (and I am, fiercely so), it seems more than a little petty trying to prevent the general public from viewing a 1981 film (especially considering that far more famous nd profitable films are on YouTube all the time).

Still, there's Moberly&Jourdain's book.
And we all know that books ARE better than films. :-)

Susannah said...

I just watched Miss Morison's Ghosts ( I take it it was unavailable for awhile but is now back). I had seen it when it first aired and had always wanted to see it again, so I was pleased to find your website.
Thank you

Myosotis said...

I am glad you were able to watch it, Susannah. Yes, the video is available on and off. I hope it stays "on" for a while longer. ;)