Friday, 15 March 2013

The Disappearing Road

Where does time go? :))

We don't usually borrow other people's stories. But from time to time we happen to find delightful stories, delightfully written.
Here is one of them - with a whole lot of extra goodies (comments) for good measure.
It happened to Michael Graeme, in 1981, between Windermere and Coniston, in the Lake District: the perfect place for romantic escapades out of time and space. (It is often mentioned as a "hotspot" of anomalies, possibly of geomagnetic origins; see, e.g., the video in Is it the fault lines' fault?)

In short: a road that should have been there because it was there in the past (marked on the roadmap) and was there in the future, suddenly was nowhere.

This is not the first such occurrence to be noted in this blog. We've had  (see the links below) a disappearing road in Japan, Barbara's disappearing cottage, a wandering Georgian house, complete with flower beds and a frightened horse, and many others.
Michael Graeme's story only reaffirms the fact that you don't have to be a stupid-ignorant-senile-blind bat for such things to happen to you, as many self-styled "sceptics" (who are no such thing) would have you believe.

Enjoy the road... while it lasts. :)

* I've been kindly reminded that the anniversary was actually on the 7th... 
All right then: happy 5-and-7/365-th anniversary to us.


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