Sunday, 22 November 2009

Your future, online

Is it possible to see the "future"?

My strictly personal experience tells me, yes, it is possible; and the possible reason why this is possible is that the so-called future - as the so-called past - isn't "where" we usually expect it to be.

But whatever the truth - IF there is a single and absolute, "objective" truth - people will go on trying to peep into what lies "ahead". Some use Tarot cards, other coffee grounds or tea leaves, still others resort to "psychics". And since the advent of the internet, there are also online "oracles" available. Some of these are well known, others are hidden gems. And here are two of the hidden gems that I plucked from - where else? - Cynthia Sue Larson's website. Both are based on the notion of synchronicity, introduced by Carl Gustav Jung.

Odyssey of Life Oracle

Simple, unpretentious - and it actually makes sense.
(Whether it really "works" or not is difficult to gauge, but at least it makes sense.)

This unusual oracle is a relatively recent addition to the online presentation of the Federation of Damanhur, an extraordinary "country" that you may have heard about (and if you haven't, go visit it now).

For those who prefer Tarot cards, here is a website that we like when we're too lazy to pick up card with our own fingers...

And by the way, feel free to come back and comment how they worked for you!
(Needless to say, we wish you nothing but health, riches and fabulous dark, tall strangers in your future... ;-))

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