Monday, 23 November 2009

ANYTHING is possible

Jesus replied, “Why do you say ‘if you can’?

Anything is possible for someone who has faith!”
(Mr 9:23)

This doesn't really belong here - or does it? - but being familiar with the "profile" and the personal inclinations of many readers who like to ponder about the mysteries of time and space, like I (and the rest of us "forget-me-nots") do, I feel the following might be of interest to many of you out there.

[...] By functioning from the level of unbounded consciousness that is the source of creation, one can potentially do anything, no matter how "impossible". Again, the Conscious Unified Field showed that we can indeed consciously choose to manifest phenomena that are improbable enough to be labeled "impossible" in the Materialist Paradigm. Since there is in the world of quantum mechanics a finite probability of anything happening at any time or place, the reality brought to light in the Conscious Unified Field Experiment has the potential to provide the experience that literally anything is possible.

Do you have a dream that moves you deeply? If so, your dream moves you deeply for a reason, and you can move nature deeply in the same way. The Conscious Unified Field Experiment showed that nature responds to our inner desires and intentions in "impossible" ways. If there is a single take-home message [...] it is that you can create the life you want. You can manifest your dream, no matter how impossible it may seem. If you have a dream, go for it. Go for what you really want, not just what you know you can get. The resources at your command are truly infinite. Anything is possible."

The passage above is from what I consider to be one of the most underrated books on the mysteries of consciousness and its interaction with matter (the spawn of time/space) published in recent times:

(A few words about its author, Dr. Larry Farwell.)

And there are more of such underrated gems to come.
Stay tuned. :)

A final word from your blog mistress:

You are feeling GREAT right now, right...?
Tomorrow you may still feel some afterglow.
And the day after tomorrow some petty annoyance will make you "face reality" and forget all about this.

That's what happens every time. Doesn't it?
And then you wonder why such philosophies "don't work"?

My friend, fortify yourself in advance.
Resolve NOW to ignore your own upcoming doubts.
Resolve NOW to ignore them day after day.

And THEN see what happens.


Michael Schuyler said...

Just so you know, when you read this blog with an RSS feed the background is white. And yellow text on a white background is nearly invisible.

Myosotis said...

Thanks for telling me, Michael.
I didn't think about it. ;)

I'll see what I can do.

Weekend Chef said...

With great joy I comment and want to thank you for your post. I agree, Dr. Farwell's book has been lost on a sea of zealous and overrated pseudo science, leaving the real scientific proof unclaimed! :-)

May the force be with you. Thanks for your resolve and perfect synchronicity!

Myosotis said...

Dear Weekend Chef -

thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!
So sorry for the delay in publishing the comment.
As you can imagine, it had nothing to do with your kind comment itself; it's just that we here travel a lot (meaning we spend log hours or even days without logging in) - and there is SO MUCH spam coming in that we simply have to have moderation in place.

And may the Force be with you too. :-)