Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Eternal Now

The "now" that separates my last visit to this blog and, well, now must seem eternal indeed... (At least two of my readers thought so, which I find as endearing as it is embarrassing to me.)

Ah - if only you knew...! My life has always been "strange" (dixit one of my elementary school teachers as well as several of my acquaintances).
But now it's stranger than strange.
(Only, not to me - and that's the scariest part of it. :)

So, how can I make up for all the lost time?
I can't.
Besides, it - unlike me (and yourself) - hasn't really gone anywhere.

No, really: according to the line of thought presented in the following interesting piece of writing - a person who found the mention of this blog on another site, brought it to my attention - now is now. And it doesn't exist anyway. :)

Since it has to do with time and its perception, I thought you'd enjoy it, too.

Tell me what you think about it.

Here's what I think about this:

If we are, as our old friend J. H. Brennan charmingly puts it, "timeworms" (p. 40, Time Travel), meaning that we are a single temporal extension of X years (= the duration of your lifetime), and if the findings of quantum physics, namely that information is non-local (forgive the oversimplified verbalisation; I'll be editing this entry as soon as I can), are correct, as they seem to be... doesn't it make sense, then, that information - in this case, information about everything on our perceived "path" or "flow" of life - could travel upstream as well as downstream?

In other words, IF we are (as I see us) nodules, "hubs" of information born out of the fabric of all there is, and interconnected with everything else, then surely we could causally affect not only our future, i.e. what-is-to-come (in our perception), but also what-has-been (AKA the past)?

Think about it.
Regardless of your findings - or the lack thereof - it's the one thing that is never a waste of your time. ;)

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